#wwsstories from @graymalin Hi everyone✌️I just want to be real here for a second & introduce myself to those who aren’t familiar. I am a fine-art photographer living in LA. Six years ago I left my job to pursue my passion of photography.

Not sure what to do, I decided to open a 10×10 booth in my favorite Sunday market that I often visited to find treasures for my home. For one year I displayed my work and learned first hand what people were looking for to hang in their homes. Starting with my roots (Marfa, TX) I began to create series that were light-hearted, conversational and most importantly, made people happy.

Today I have carried this philosophy over to www.graymalin.com and conceptualize and execute creative projects all over the globe to bring inspired moments to life for people to live with and enjoy every day. I love positivity, sprinkles and all things adventurous! If you’re a dreamer, I am proof that sometimes it just takes a little courage and a 10’x10’ tent to bring your aspirations to life. I hope you enjoy the ride- and I am so glad you’re here 😉 #wwsmen #wwstalent #wwsart

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