MAN: A Wordless Animation Film That Will Make You THINK.

Steve Cutts’ most popular film MAN -an animated frenzy of man’s societal pitfalls, with over 13 million hits on YouTube since it was uploaded in 2012- touches the raw nerve of every conventional environmentalist and animal rights activist. The wittily-animated film looks at man’s relationship with the natural world.
It shows a man running across the world taking what he wants, when he wants, and enjoying every minute of his destruction. The conclusion is inevitable: deforestation, greed, pollution, over-fishing, the dissipation of natural resources, urban sprawl, industrialization, anti-veganism, anti-green activity…. it is all there. Consumerism has an ugly face, and Steve painfully brings his message home in this animated short film. The environmental problems MAN addresses remain just as urgent today as they were in 2012.

Source: The ANONYMOUS.

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