Franco Manca.
Various locations
What you’re getting: Tomato, mozzarella, basil pizza (£5.90)
With a growing empire and a cultish following for its sourdough crusts, it comes as a surprise that this spot hasn’t jacked up its prices. Its classic-style ‘za is less then six quid but you can even forgo the cheese (you heathen) and scrape out for less then a fiver when you’re really skint.

On the Bab Shoreditch/Covent Garden What you’re getting: Yangyum chicken (£5.50)
On the Bab
Shoreditch/Covent Garden
What you’re getting: Yangyum chicken (£5.50)

Sticky Beaks.
On the move
What you’re getting: Anything (all at £6!)
The marriage of meat and bread is a relationship that stands the test of time. Street trader Sticky Beaks doesn’t let itself be hindered by labels, only keeping this beautiful combo in mind, loading rolls, wraps, and other bready receptacles with slow-cooked meat inspired from cuisines around the world. Get Moroccan pulled lamb with smoky sauce, roasted chili, feta, and hazelnuts or shredded beef cheeks braised in cider.

What you’re getting: Roast duck bánh mì (£5.95)
Like a pho soup, but minus the broth and sandwiched between bread, this Vietnamese classic will cure almost anything that ails you (especially hunger). Loaded with slow-roasted duck and hoisin sauce, plus all those authentic bits like spring onion, chili, daikon, and cucumber, your mouth and your wallet will throw a party.

Soho/Netil Market
What you’re getting: Classic bao bun (£3.50)
Light and fluffy — yet slightly chewy — and generally overstuffed with meat, bao buns are fantastic. It comes as no surprise that these filling handhelds have created a devoted following started from the joint’s street food days to its brick-and-mortar Soho joint.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.48.58

Herman Ze GermanCharing Cross/Soho/Fitzrovia
What you’re getting: Bratwurst (£4.45)
Made in the Black Forest by a butcher named Fritz (naturally), these sausages are the best wurst in town. Starting life on the festival circuit, they’re miles better then any danger dog, and just as cheap.


Melt Room Soho
What you’re getting: The Classic (£4.50)
You remember how mind-blowing a cheese toast was when you were a kid? Well Melt Room is here to remind you daily that nothing has changed and grilled cheese sandwiches can still rock your world. The entire Melt menu is under a tenner, topping at £7 if you feel like splurging, but the basic cheese blend on sourdough is a certain kind of heaven.


Leather Lane/Gabriel’s Wharf
What you’re getting: Moo & Blue (£4.50)
Eating a pie is a bit like opening a present. A tasty, tasty present, that makes everything right in the world with mouthfuls of meat, cheese, veggies, and gorgeous gravy. With Long Clawson Stilton and Longhorn beef, this pie feels like a feast. Go big and get a side for an extra £2 to feel like a king.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.28.50

On the move
What you’re getting: Bokit salt-fish (£4)
Dubbed the “Creole burger” in the French Caribbean, it doesn’t look like much from the outside. But one bite into this thin, crispy packet and you’ll discover mouthfuls of flavorsome fish, salad, and crazy Caribbean sauce their mother makes. With prices ranging from £2.50 for a small to £5 for a maxi, there is something even when you’re digging out coins from the bottom of your sofa.

Source: The Thrillist

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