@yourfive by Victoria Jadesimi.


1) My old Prada bag – it’s not my best looking one, but it’s the bag that keeps my life ORGANIZED. It has side zippers to hide things and is open at the same time, making things that need to be accessible, accessible! Thanks to this bag, I’m not one of those ladies that spend time scrambling around my bag looking for things.

2) Prada wallet – again it’s my organisation weapon 2. It has 3 coin pockets and 4 note compartments and plenty of card space. For the Swedish, Russian, Nigerian, UK living woman like me I can keep all my money in one place and run a Forex operation from this wallet alone.

3) My wedding ring(s) – I recently got married and can’t imagine going anywhere without my rings. They tie me to my amazing husband who lives in a different country. They are one kind and totally irreplaceable.

4) My sunglasses from Selima Optique – Handmade in France by a designer who is both a licensed optician and an optometrist. The visibility through these glasses is unbelievable. I have had them now for over 6 years and no other designer pair have come close to the comfort and lens quality so far.

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5) An old Drama Queen mug – It was a present from a business school friend. Surprisingly it’s the one mug that had followed me to 4 different residences and I just feel right when I drink my tea out of it…maybe there is some truth to the label after all

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