@yourfive by Dominique Tipper 

Ok so first of all i am obsessed with stationery. Its a bit of a problem but i could literally spend all day and a million pounds in a stationery shop. I have a lot of notebooks and pens and paperclips and other things i don’t need. But i guess the main reason for my obsession is that i write a lot. Songs, stories, poems, thoughts and musings. Always have done. Ive kept a diary since i was about 11. So i like to have lovely materials to do that with. I mostly write with a fountain pen and my current squeeze is this matte white moleskine notebook and kaweco-sport burgundy fountain pen.
Photo’s photo’s photo’s. Another thing i have always done since a kid is take photo’s. I have albums and albums of photographs. I love taking pics on my iphone but there’s nothing like the physical thing so i always get them printed off with an awesome app called LALALab. But in addition to that, one of my big joys is shooting on film or disposable camera’s as i love the mystery of not knowing what you are gonna get. I also spend hours putting albums together. So here is my fav camera of the moment my Minolta and one of my many photo albums.

My passport. Travelling is something i have always done throughout my life too. I have had the opportunity through all my different hobbie’s and work over the years to travel the world. There is still a lot i haven’t seen and have yet to explore, but i find a unique sense of freedom to know that on any given day i can pack a bag and run away to somewhere i haven’t been before and get lost in a different culture.
I think its so attractive when someone smell’s good and so i like to smell good all the time. I think there is something lovely about a natural body odour that you find appealing but i love perfume and so sometimes i feel naked without it. I always spray something on before leaving the house. Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is one of my fav’s!
My trusty JVC headphones.

I cant tell you how many different brands of expensive headphones i have been through or tried out, but I always come back to these. The sound quality is so good and i think they are around £10. I listen to music all the time and like to shop with something playing so these are my go-to. Couldn’t be without them 🙂
Dominique Tipper is an actress, known for Vampire Academy (2014), Fast Girls (2012) and Adulthood (2008).

You will be able.to catch her this winter in the exciting new scfi drama called The Expanse.

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