Fade to Night

Fade to Night

— LANE Fashion Editorial

Art Direction / Styling:Karissa Fanning and Jessica Bartlett / The LANE

Photography: Ali Mitton

Model:Zander Bleck / Sammy Snow @ Priscillas

Hair & Makeup Artist: Stacey Tan

Location:La Guarida, Havana

Images 1 – 4: Sammy and Zander wear Calibre with Lee Brennan rings (worn throughout).

Image 5: Sammy wears Crane Brothers. Zander wears Farage.

Image 6: Sammy wears Crane BrothersHenson Cufflinks.

Image 7: Zander wears Farage shirt, Henson cufflinks.

Image 8: Sammy wears Farage Suit and Shirt, Calibre Shoes

Images 9: Zander wears Calibre Jacket, Lee Brennan Pendant.

Images 10 & 11: Sammy wears Calibre Shirt and Shoes, Farage Suit.

Image 12: Zander wears Calibre Shirt, Farage Suit, Lee Brennan Pendant.

Image 13 & 14: Zander wears Calibre Shirt, Farage Suit. Sammy wears Calibre.

Image 15 & 17: Sammy wears Calibre.

Image 16 & 18: Zander wears Calibre Shirt, Farage Suit.

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Source: The Lane

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