Father Tackles Suicide Bomber In Beirut, Killing Himself To Save Hundreds Of Lives

Adel Termos will be a name you haven’t heard before but may never forget.

Prior to Thursday evening’s horrific attack, he was out with his young daughter in Beirut’s predominantly Shia Muslim neighbourhood of Burj al-Barajneh when two ISIS terrorists turned the area into a swirling inferno of death, destruction and misery.

The first suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest outside the target Shia mosque but thinking on his feet, Termos decided to rush and tackle the other suicide bomber. His decision saved the lives of hundreds of those inside the Shia mosque as well as his daughter but unfortunately cost him his own.

He tackled him to the ground, causing the second suicide bomber to detonate. There are many families, hundreds of families probably, who owe their completeness to his sacrifice.Elie Fares, physician from Beirut, speaking in PRI.org

Credit: Imgur

ISIS claimed responsibility for the two suicide bombers that took the lives of 43 people and injured 239 more in Thursday evening’s attacks.

Friends carry Adel Termos’ coffin, credit PA

Many people in Beirut have seen previous attacks as a consequence of sectarian politics – two groups who have differing beliefs – but this time around the Lebanese public don’t see the dead as martyrs, but as victims of something that do not control.

The street is still divided by political and sectarian lines, but this time around the sense is that these are people, period. They’re dead because of something they had absolutely no role in. They died because of some demented, twisted politics.Elie Fares

Lebanon shares a border with Syria where ISIS have most of their strongholds but with the country at a political standstill for nearly 18 months now, the bombings this week could possibly show ISIS’ willingness to take advantage.

They may well be disappointed though, as their act of terror has seen residents rally behind the Shia group Hezbollah as well as the uniting of competing political factions.

We simply hope an end to this war happens sooner rather than later.

H/T The State Of Mind

Source: Lad Bible

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